Color Copiers & Printers

Contact us for a recommendation and/or quote on the copier or printer solution that would best suit your business or personal needs. For more specific information on each model see our PDF File Section under Help and Support in the main menu.

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Konica Minolta C454 Color All-In-One
bizhub C454
High-speed, workhorse B&W output for everyday business document needs -- plus spectacular, cost-effective color for extra communications impact.  With built-in print system and networking software.  Plus powerful options for production finishing and high-speed fax.

If your business needs all this, you need Konica Minolta's bizhub C454 .  It gives you the flexibility to handle high-volume document traffic in any form, with output speeds of 45 ppm in B&W, 45 ppm in color, 70 opm in scanning.  You'll also have Konica Minolta's all-in-one bizhub OP design to improve multifunctional performance, security and account management, integrates fast document output with simple user interface, and allow custom integration with third-party software -- all to provide real productivity benefits for your business.

And if your business depends on color graphics applications, add the Fiery® IC-402 Image Controller to your system -- and take advantage of advanced document control, color management and color matching capabilities that make all your work look more professional.


Konica Minolta C364 Color All-In-One
bizhub C364
The business world is moving to color -- and whether you're starting out or stepping up, the Konica Minolta bizhub C364 gives you workhorse in-house printing at up to 36 ppm in both color and black-and-white.

The bizhub C360 also gives you more, including all-in-one print/copy/scan productivity with the built-in EmperonT Print System for integrated print control.  Flexible scanning lets you bring documents into your system faster and distribute information more easily.  And powerful PageScope software helps you manage networked devices, documents and print queues more efficiently.

For even greater color control in professional and graphics applications, you can add the Fiery ® IC-406 Image Controller to your system -- and take advantage of advanced document control, color management and color matching capabilities that can be customized to suit your workflow.


Konica Minolta C284 Color All-In-One
bizhub C284
If your application demands workhorse performance for everyday business needs, plus high-quality, cost-effective color when it counts, Konica Minolta has the ideal B&W replacement: the bizhub C284.

With fast output at up to 28 ppm in both color and B&W, the bizhub C284 is perfect for all businesses, large and mid-sized companies, departments, branch offices and workgroups.  It's also a central document resource that puts you at the hub of your business, incorporating all-in-one print/copy/scan productivity.

The built-in EmperonT Print System gives you integrated print control with simple user interface.  You'll also have fast, flexible scanning, high-volume Super G3 fax option, and powerful PageScopeT software to manage networked devices, documents and print queues more efficiently.

With enhanced security functions, smaller footprint, fast first-copy output and a wide range of modular options, the bizhub C284 can take your workflow to the next level  of performance and convenience -- at a price you can afford.


Samsung CLX 8540ND
40 ppm color and BW
Samsung has come up with the next great idea in workgroup color multifunction systems with the new 40 ppm copy, print, scan, and fax(opt) CLX8540ND. Ease of use, low cost of operation, small footprint, easy to change supplies, and versatile performer for your demanding business environment. Call us to check out this workgroup solution.


Oki MC561
27 ppm color and 31 BW
Great small workgroup solution with brilliant color, low cost of operation, versatile; copy, print, scan and fax, and easy to operate. Network duplex print, scan to PC, server, USB thumb drive, email, FTP-wherever you need to. Call today and discover how in-house color can expand your possiblilites and lower your color output costs.


Oki C9650 Series Color Printers
C9650 Series
Digital color-matching printers from Oki Printing Solutions provide in-house, tabloid-extra color output. Color is the most effective way to add impact to your printed documents. But to stand out from the competition, your color output must be vibrant and accurate.

The C9650 Series not only produces beautiful, color-accurate documents, but does it fast, reliably and affordably. Whether for presentations, brochures, ad layouts or promotional material, the C9650 Series is the perfect solution for your busy workgroup.

Multi-level printing enables the C9650 Series to deliver fine details and stunning color depth, while Oki Printing Solution's proprietary toner formulation lends a professional-looking light gloss finish to your printed documents.


Oki C830 Series Digital Color Printers
C830 Series
Digital color printers from Oki Printing Solutions provide high-quality, tabloid (11" x 17 ") color output. With the C830 Series Digital Color printers, you can improve the quality of your output and increase productivity - even as you lower your expenses.

These color printers are the efficient, affordable answer, especially if tabloid-size newsletters, brochures, ad layouts, large illustrations, banners or specialty media are essential parts of your business.

Your total in-house printing solution. No more having to run down to the corporate or neighborhood copy center every time you need color documents. From postcard- to banner-size documents up to 11.6" x 47.24", you can simply print them in-house.

C830 Series printers come with Color Matching software from Oki Printing Solutions and Auto Color Balance, to ensure that color output remains accurate and consistent from start to finish. And features like Auto Media Detect will automatically adjust the printer to your required media type.


Oki C711 Series
Digital Color Printers
Now you can ensure maximum productivity, cost efficiency, and control of your demanding printing needs - today and tomorrow. With the C711 Series color printers, Oki delivers business color printing without compromise.

Full-color output at up to 34 ppm and monochrome at up to 36 ppm - on sheets from postcard-size to 8.5" x 47.24" banners.

Unmatched performance is built in. Advanced color-matching technology and high-speed data processing are integral to the C711 Series printers' exceptional color printing performance.


Oki C610 Series
Digital Color Printers
C610 Series
You don't have to give up speed, print quality or customer service to get an affordable desktop color/mono printer.

For businesses as protective of their image as they are of the bottom line, compact Oki C610 Series Digital Color printers are like two printers in one. They combine fast, high-quality Oki color and monochrome output with a low purchase price and low cost per page, so any of these printers can take the place of slower color inkjet and mono machines-and stretch your budget.

Oki C610 Series printers turn out up to 32 full-color and 34 mono pages per minute, with the first color page printing in just 9 seconds, the first monochrome page in as little as 8 seconds. And those are crisp, bright pages at 1200 x 600 dpi.